Tag: Prose

  • I Could Never Love Again

    I Could Never Love Again

    The content describes the pain of lost love and the inability to love again after parting ways. The speaker expresses deep regret and longing for their past love, feeling powerless to move on. The emotions portrayed reflect the profound impact of heartbreak and the struggle to come to terms with the loss.

  • Scorched Earth

    Scorched Earth

    In shadowed eyes, a fire burned,Not warmth, but rage, a world unfurled.Her voice, once soft, now turned to steel,A symphony of pain, a story real.The world had wronged her, twisted her fate,A tapestry of lies, a bitter hate.No solace found, no justice won,Just endless darkness, where light had gone.So with a spark, a burning ember,She…

  • Together


    It was all about the things you saidThe way we stayed togetherAnd when we layed down in our bed It didn’t matter how bad things wereIf we just stayed togetherWe would have ruled the world But you cut the tie that bound us togetherAnd alone I will flyAnd I will make that storm even better…

  • Fast and Slow Burning

    Crackling, with an intensity. Slowed to a crawl but the heat is still there. Burning full in the dark. Hopefully to return.