Encourage New Growth

In the forest’s shadow, a choice unfolds,
To pull the dead or let flames take hold.
Instead of burning, with destructive might,
Choose renewal, embrace the light.

Pull the dead brush, a careful chore,
Preserve the essence, let life restore.
Unlike the fire’s consuming dance,
A symphony of growth, a second chance.

Where flames erase, leaving ash in their wake,
Clearing by hands, a gentler path to take.
In the silence, a pledge to nurture and sow,
The forest’s resilience begins to grow.

Choose not the blaze, with its raging tide,
But the quiet pull, where hope resides.
For in this act of mindful grace,
A flourishing forest finds its place.

In the forest’s quiet embrace,
A task of renewal, a sacred grace.
Pulling dead brush from the earth,
Clearing way for nature’s rebirth.

Each branch lifted, a weight released,
Creating space for life to feast.
Sunlight dances through the trees,
Welcoming a gentle, rejuvenating breeze.

The forest sighs with gratitude,
As hands work in quiet fortitude.
Beneath the canopy, a hopeful song,
New growth emerges, resilient and strong.

Branch by branch, the canvas clears,
Nature’s cycle, spanning years.
In the clearing, a promise found,
Of life’s endless, eternal rebound.


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