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  • I Don’t Want An Ordinary Life

    I Don’t Want An Ordinary Life

    There was a long discussion while laying on a friend’s couch. The idea was that life was what you made it. You could slave away at a 9 to 5 or you could build a fantastical dream. The dream was to travel the world and see every sight we could. Stop learning from only books…

  • Never Forget The Happy

    Never Forget The Happy

    It’s sad to me that some people choose to only focus on the negative images. There is always a positivity to find. And it’s easier to focus on because the negative feelings are more intense. It takes a LOT to make your positive feelings be that intense. You might have forgotten about watching our footprints…

  • The Feeling of Discounted Feelings

    The Feeling of Discounted Feelings

    A feeling is a complicated thing. I’m struggling just to find the feelings to write this. But I’ll get through it and understand it all better. Processing feelings into words can take time. Getting them out immediately can cause them to come out construed or garbled. If you take time to fully process the feelings…

  • Feeling Like Half

    Feeling Like Half

    I had a big coping day. The boy is out of school for the summer. He used to have a party to celebrate with his friends. Today we are just having 2 friends over to spend the night. It used to be a party with decorations, games, food, and swimming. Screaming and yelling, running crazy…

  • Unbalanced Scales

    Unbalanced Scales

    Your gaze lingers on the strengths I bring,A harvest you wish to claim,But turn a blind eye to the strings I cling,The give and take of love’s sweet game.You crave the sun my light bestows,Yet shun the moon that’s mine to keep,A lopsided path where one seed grows,Leaving the other fields to weep.True partnership’s a…

  • Here I Go Again

    I set out to prove myself capable on my own. It was tough, but I did it. The lost and lonely feelings were very hard. But the show must go on. And it was a great show! 5 extremely good bands showed up. Thank you to all of them and to the Here’s To You…

  • The Grey Rock

    The Grey Rock

    The text describes a strained relationship filled with resentment and accusations, which has turned into a continuous cycle of hurt, anger and betrayal. The individual yearns for a resolution but feels trapped, gradually withdrawing and becoming a mere shadow of his previous self. The toxic environment persists, characterized by arguments, unhappiness, and desolation.

  • The Old Man

    The Old Man

    Back story: I saw this old man trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic in the middle of the day and he would try to step out and then jump back and then step out and jump back. It looked like he wanted to kill himself but got scared when it came down to it…

  • Encourage New Growth

    Encourage New Growth

    In the forest’s shadow, a choice unfolds,To pull the dead or let flames take hold.Instead of burning, with destructive might,Choose renewal, embrace the light. Pull the dead brush, a careful chore,Preserve the essence, let life restore.Unlike the fire’s consuming dance,A symphony of growth, a second chance. Where flames erase, leaving ash in their wake,Clearing by…

  • Love Doesn’t Leave

    Love Doesn’t Leave

    Love is a glue that binds,the twists and turns and winds.A feeling somewhere inside,you find about once in all timeLove builds the supportsto heal the occasional hurts,pulls you from the deepest ruts,and mutates you into an extrovert.Love is the chemicals in the brainthat tolerates immense pain,and a tremendous strengthto stop you from going full cobain.Love…

  • I Could Never Love Again

    I Could Never Love Again

    The content describes the pain of lost love and the inability to love again after parting ways. The speaker expresses deep regret and longing for their past love, feeling powerless to move on. The emotions portrayed reflect the profound impact of heartbreak and the struggle to come to terms with the loss.

  • Isn’t It Funny

    Isn’t It Funny

    The content reflects on life’s ironies, focusing on the idea of young love and self-identity. It ponders how youthful hearts fixate on their love interests, often while losing touch with their self-worth, especially when treated poorly. The writer repeatedly questions the peculiarity of life’s circumstances.

  • Dreaming My Dreams With You

    Dreaming My Dreams With You

    The content reflects the lament of a person going through a breakup, feeling devastated about the loss of shared dreams and love. Emphasizing the void created by the absence of their partner, they declare the end of their dreams and imagine an end without the loved one.

  • Theories on the Lack of Interaction from Time Travelers

    Theories on the Lack of Interaction from Time Travelers

    The writer explored the concept of time travel, addressing the common argument that it can’t exist since we haven’t interacted with time travelers. They offered a counter-theory proposing time travelers can only observe but can’t interact due to different resonant frequencies between their origin time and the time visited. This theory, based on the Schumann…

  • Stay


    Come and take away everythingthat you gave to me and I will let you stay far awayfrom the things I dream For if you wanna godont you know you can always leavebut if you want to stayyou will have a special place with meTo stay in my heartYou’ll always have a placeto stay in my…

  • My Baby’s On The Level

    My Baby’s On The Level

    In a balanced relationship, parties strive to understand each other and maintain equilibrium. Two people may view relationships differently, reflecting on progress and balance. Communication in a safe, neutral environment plays a crucial part in understanding vulnerabilities and fears, and turning these into learning experiences can break destructive cycles.

  • Scorched Earth

    Scorched Earth

    In shadowed eyes, a fire burned,Not warmth, but rage, a world unfurled.Her voice, once soft, now turned to steel,A symphony of pain, a story real.The world had wronged her, twisted her fate,A tapestry of lies, a bitter hate.No solace found, no justice won,Just endless darkness, where light had gone.So with a spark, a burning ember,She…

  • You Can Pick Your Nose

    You Can Pick Your Nose

    And you can pick who loves you. Keep them around and cherish them forever. You’ll never know when you will need them again in your life. The first time I was feeling down on my luck, I stumbled on a wonderful family that took me in as one of their own. They encouraged my talents…

  • To America or America 2

    To America or America 2

    America did you forget brother Allen?He showed you what wrongs to right.America don’t you listenor are you just looking for a fightAmerica you make me sadletting our brothers dieThere’s no rest for the wickedand you’re up all night.America where’s the freedomthat you promised usYou put our black brothersat the back of the bus.America why do…

  • Together


    It was all about the things you saidThe way we stayed togetherAnd when we layed down in our bed It didn’t matter how bad things wereIf we just stayed togetherWe would have ruled the world But you cut the tie that bound us togetherAnd alone I will flyAnd I will make that storm even better…

  • I Am Of The Earth

    I Am Of The Earth

    I grew up in the woods and to there I will return. I am one with the trees and they are one with me. We care for each other in a mutual balance. I will clear out the fallen branches and dead brush and encourage the new growth. The trees will provide the shade and…

  • The Balance

    The Balance

    The loss of balance destroys. The sun and the moon don’t actually balance each other out. The sun provides the light and the warmth but the moon doesn’t provide the dark and the cold, the lack of the sun does. The moon provides the twilight and the tides. Those are only a balance because they…

  • Beatles Dream

    Beatles Dream

    This dream happened sometime in April 2008.   Well this was quite a strange dream I had the other day.  It started with me in a store and I was showing off this new tattoo that I just got.  It was 4 pictures down my arm of John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s heads.  Just their…

  • Visa Takes Life

    Visa Takes Life

    The boy was doing a project or something for school. He brought home a bunch of words cut out from magazines and had them laid out all over the island in the kitchen. I don’t think he knows what Visa is or what they do, but he had stacked up perfectly “Visa Takes Life”. Fifth…